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" Let me solve your question about 0.5% of myself"

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"Well, I'm extremely known as Nisya Ismail born on 7th June 1994 live for twenty years old who always won't care what is on your mind and hate to know something that is out of my business. Just a simple girl who loves to sing as it is half of my life. I'm a very sensitive but an EGOis girl as I'm the youngest daughter and also children in my beloved family. I was one of God's creations born to be a fashion lover also adored with all my pretty cute things and surprising, by seeing their pictures' spontaneously will make me crazy screaming on that time. Only ALLAH knows me better, definitely you have no right to judge for who I am or what should I do. I care much about the things I love, it could be anyone or anything: as the illation; it's everything. Be grateful with what ALLAH had grace to you in this transient world and yes, it is lasting for a short time only. I have a strong dislike for a person such as fakers, cheaters, etc. 'Fakers' are trying their hardest to be someone else and I know some of them is the one of you here, especially fakers who always steal the others' style. Hey darling, can you please use your brain and find for your own idea or identity, wannabe's."

KFC tyme~!!! =D

cayamm korang ketat ketat key-za,, qila n gie~!! heheh,, sorry,, aq wat entry nem lewat sket.. sepat0tnyer semalam dah kena uat.. tapi x sempat.. sib0kk bergayut.. ngeh2~ well, well, well,, semalam merupakan girls day out lagi bagi aq dan 3 org kawan2 tuisyen aq yang sengal ini.. and as usual,, kepcy la yang akan menjadi mangsa kami.. haha ;D padan muker kaw kepcy~! saper suruh buat kepcy kat situ.. aq belasah jew la.. =P

alang alang lepas mamam snack plate dan cheezy wedges aq ituu,, kiteowang un snap snap la gambar.. part yang aq paling suker~! ngeh2~ enjoy =)

1,2,3.. cheezzeee~~ cheezy wedges.. =P
this is me and qila cayamm (: lemah lemb0t dulu.. haha :D

peace~ lidahku dah muler menggatal nak tunjukkan dirinya yang sebenar.. uhuks !

sesi suap menyuap.. ngeh ngeh~

muah muahx ! haha :D qila says: nakk kiss i lah tu.. hoho =P

this is gie and key-za cayamm (:

dorang dah muler menggiler.. ngeh ngeh~

uit gie! nak kar0k ker..?? hihik.. :D

naper muker gie camtu..?? key-za wat ea..? hoho..

qila and key-za <3

tadaa~!! me and qila back~! cehh cehh :D

ini masih di dalam kelas lagi,, pemberian gie kepada kiteowang.. =)

from cameron,, thanx gie~! muah muahx.. =P

four of us,, peaceeee~ =]

♥...eSyaNaQiWa FrIeNdShIp...♥
"some people comes into our lives and quickly go,, some stays for a while and leave his/her footprints on our hearts,, and we will never, ever be the same.. but we'll always be friends,, as long as stars twinkle in the sky,, as long as angels are there up high,, till oceans run dry,, and till the day i die.. its totally a lifetime promise~! =)"

thanx for reading fwens~! have a nice day.. bye bye~ assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera ! (:


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