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" Let me solve your question about 0.5% of myself"

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"Well, I'm extremely known as Nisya Ismail born on 7th June 1994 live for twenty years old who always won't care what is on your mind and hate to know something that is out of my business. Just a simple girl who loves to sing as it is half of my life. I'm a very sensitive but an EGOis girl as I'm the youngest daughter and also children in my beloved family. I was one of God's creations born to be a fashion lover also adored with all my pretty cute things and surprising, by seeing their pictures' spontaneously will make me crazy screaming on that time. Only ALLAH knows me better, definitely you have no right to judge for who I am or what should I do. I care much about the things I love, it could be anyone or anything: as the illation; it's everything. Be grateful with what ALLAH had grace to you in this transient world and yes, it is lasting for a short time only. I have a strong dislike for a person such as fakers, cheaters, etc. 'Fakers' are trying their hardest to be someone else and I know some of them is the one of you here, especially fakers who always steal the others' style. Hey darling, can you please use your brain and find for your own idea or identity, wannabe's."

eeexxxxccccuuuussseeee mmeeee !!

hye guys !
opps, luper lak nak bagi salam..
assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera !
hee,, sorry la yer lamer aq x update post lam blog aq nem.. well,, terlampaulah busy skrg nem.. tapi xper,, aq janji t lepas aq habis spm,, aq update post manyak3 keyh.. bia sampai POPULAR cam kak irine nadia un okeh jugak,,, haha :D perasan pulekk.. =P btw, aq post entry nem sebab nak mintak tolong kat korang korang sumer yg pernah isi or sedang mengisi or sudah menjalani hidup di matrikulasi.. narnyew aq konpius nem camner nak kemaskini borang matrik tu.. guys n girls, or saper2 yg ngah bace entry aq nem,, tolong la aq yer ! sangat2 berharap nem sebab tarikh tutup isi borang tu 10/10 nanti.. dah makin hampir tarikhnyer itu.. so,, aq nak kemaskini elok2 tempat matrikulasi tu.. sebab mak aq suh aq tukar pg pahang, perak n selangor.. before nem aq mintak pg selangor, pulau pinang n perlis.. so, please yer korang.. tolonglah aq!  huhuks~

thanks a lot !
emmmwwaahhhx ! =)

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